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UV Robots that can help kill Covid-19



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COVID-19 brought an unprecedented crisis, a global infection, thousands of deaths and shaked the economic world order, but it also gave way to acts of ingenuity. Healthcare has been pushed to its limits, together with the efforts involved to support medical technology and its innovation.





"There’s no magic bullet to halt the advance of COVID-19, but many smaller acts of creativity and collaboration can save lives." This is one of the takeaways from a Time article introducing us to Violet, an Irish robot made by Akara Robotics company at Trinity's robotics and innovation labs. "In the face of an urgent threat, scientists have pivoted from other projects and pooled their resources toward breakthroughs aimed at reducing infection and protecting lives." This is how Violet came to birth. The lab directed its attention to sterilizing features that could be added on existing robots, before COVID-19 crisis emerged from Wuhan. Their actual initial goal was to come up with an efficient way to clear retirement homes of bacteria and viruses that are one of the main cause of infection and complications for their long term guests. "Ultraviolet light at wavelengths between 200 and 280 nanometers, also known as UV-C light, “causes DNA either to change shape, or acts like molecular scissors, It will cut that genetic material and cause little nicks in it. Complex organisms and even some bacteria can repair those small lacerations themselves. Viruses, which are molecularly much simpler than bacteria, don’t stand a chance."



Funding in medical tech and healthcare related devices was increased everywhere.. Like for example in Singapore, as shown in the below diagram. This trend emerged globally, resources were allocated in a hurry to expedite the deployment of new technologies. 




In another article from inc42.com, "Startups are heavily relying on robots with ultraviolet light to keep facilities free from coronavirus"

The recent deployment of UV Disinfection robots in Hospitals offers 2 main useful aspects; disinfecting specific zones in hospitals, but also prevent front-line workers to get themselves exposed and infected.  The article states for example that " New-Delhi based PerSapien has developed the ‘Minus Corona UV Bot’ mini robot to sterilise corridors, wards, ICUs and patient rooms. The robot does so by using ultraviolet light which has a wavelength of 254 nm. A UV-C lamp is mounted on the top of a wheeled robotic platform which can be controlled by remote control."   


Last but not least, HonorHealth informed on their website that they are now equipped with  "A little robot with a mighty mission: kill germs to save lives" "HonorHealth now has over 30 germ-zapping robots made possible entirely by generous donors. Using high-intensity ultraviolet light, the small but mighty robots disinfect a patient room in just minutes, reaching areas that can be hard to disinfect. Delivered in millisecond pulses, the light is hundreds of times more intense than sunlight." 



At UV Care, our equipment's technology is inspired by the medical industry. We applied those standards that we adapted to your everyday's needs at home. To make our environment cleaner, safer, and to keep our families healthy. A clean home is a safe home.




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