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Germicidal UV Lamp - Aluminium & Silica

Germicidal UV Lamp - Aluminium & Silica

Germicidal UV Lamp - Aluminium & Silica

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Does UV Light kill viruses ? The answer is yes, with the proper equipment and proper use.

The UVC-302 is the perfect Germicidal UV Lamp you want when it comes to durability and high reliability. It offers you the best of UV Light disinfection at home and is made of an elegant mix of Aluminium and Silica.

Product Detailed Description

Technical Specs:

  • Input Voltage: 220-240V/120V AC
  • Rated Power: 36W
  • Application Area: 20 to 50 sqm
  • High Quality Materials: Aluminum, Silica and Metal Base.
  • Ultra-Long-Life expectancy.

Product features:

  • Multi-timing operation: UV Light sterilization time can be set to 15 / 30 / 60 minutes.
  • Safety Start delay of 15s
  • Control: Touch Screen
  • Multi-application: Kitchen / Bedroom / Living Room / Kitchen / Bathroom
  • Elegant Design and durable.


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